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Responsible Mining, Resilient Communities

This interdisciplinary, multi-institutional, and global project investigates the interlinked social, environmental, and technological dimensions of artisanal and small-scale mining in Peru and Colombia in order to make the practice safer and more sustainable through graduate student research and undergraduate design projects. I am the sociotechnical integration lead and help to spearhead the engineering education research, which investigates how participation in the project influences students' global sociotechnical competency and belongingness in engineering. My graduate students have investigated socio-hydrological systems, possibilities for citizen science to enhance environmental remediation, and opportunities to engage in research translation with artisanal and small-scale mining communities

Collaborators: R. Bullock, J. Hartter, E. Holley, J. Lucena, T. Phelan, C. Scanlon, N. Smith, K. Smits
Funding: National Science Foundation Grant 1743749 (Co-PI J Smith)
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